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#askbbfc Twitter Q and A transcript Thursday 11 February

On Thursday 11 February 2016, we held the answer session for our #askbbfc Twitter Q & A.

Date 12/02/2016

On Thursday 11 February 2016, we held the answer session for our #askbbfc Twitter Q & A.

Over the previous week, we asked our followers to tweet us their classification questions about films and videos from the 1980s, using the #askbbfc hashtag.

The #askbbfc answer session took the most interesting questions and answered them during a 30 minute session. If you missed this, the transcript of questions and answers follows below.

We aim to hold a twitter Q and A once a month and we’ll give plenty notice about when we’re collecting questions, whether there is a specific theme and when the answer session will take place. We use this format to ensure that any questions that require detailed answers can be researched if required and formulated into as few tweets as possible.

You can send longer questions you have to us at any time, by emailing us.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted #askbbfc questions about 1980s films & videos this past week

We're going to begin the #askbbfc answer session today with a question about CINEMA PARADISO

Emma asks:
Q: If it were re-rated today would CINEMA PARADISO be a 12? Scene of boys self-pleasuring in the cinema merits a 12 #askbbfc

A: The short version was passed PG & the long version was passed 15. The long version hasn't been considered by the BBFC since 2001 #askbbfc

A: We would need to see the film again to see what category is most appropriate now  #askbbfc

Samoose asks
Q: #askbbfc Do you plan on re-rating Tim Burton's Batmen movies?

A: Films are only considered again if they’re resubmitted by a distributor for a modern film or video certificate #askbbfc

The Movie Badger has a question about video nasties #askbbfc ...
Q: #askbbfc Do you feel the BBFC were pressured to act following Mary Whitehouse & Daily Mail's public campaign against video nasties?

A: The BBFC did not draw up the 'video nasties' list. That was the Director of Public Prosecutions. #askbbfc

A: The BBFC responded to the controversy about videos by working with the industry to set up a voluntary classification system. #askbbfc

A: However, that was considered insufficient to deal with the 'video nasties' so Parliament passed the Video Recordings Act. #askbbfc

Craig Morris asks:
Q: #askbbfc were there any Junior Category (Uc/U/PG) titles that the board considered potentially problematic in the 80s?

A: Until 1989 when the 12 was introduced, there was no certificate between PG and 15 #askbbfc

A: This meant some films were perhaps classified too low (eg Jaws - PG) while others were classified too high (eg Gremlins - 15). #askbbfc

A: The introduction of the 12 usefully bridged this gap: Jaws and Gremlins have now both been passed 12A for cinema re-release. #askbbfc

John Reynolds asks:
Q: Should The Rocky Horror Picture Show be re-rated? Seen worse in some 12 rated films #askbbfc

A: Rocky Horror was passed 12A for cinema re-release in 2015. #askbbfc

A: However recent video submissions have featured audio commentaries containing additional strong language, taking them to 15 #askbbfc

A: Were the video to come in now, without those commentaries, it would be rated 12. #askbbfc

John Reynolds also asks about Monty Python and The Holy Grail #askbbfc
Q: Will Monty Python and The Holy Grail be re-rated to a 12? Can't remember there being much wrong with it #askbbfc

A: Monty Python and The Holy Grail was passed 12A for cinema re-release in 2015. Were the video to come in now, it would be 12. #askbbfc

A: We’ll be talking about the classification history of Monty Python and The Holy Grail in an upcoming podcast #askbbfc

Dom Fripp asks:
Q: Why was I Miss You, Hugs & Kisses on the #videonasties list? Is it true that some films were on it by mistake? #askbbfc

A: The BBFC did not draw up the 'video nasties' list, it was the Director of Public Prosecutions #askbbfc

A: I Miss You, Hugs & Kisses was passed 18 with cuts by the BBFC in 1986. We haven't classified it since. #askbbfc

ArlosDad asks:
Q: Why wasn't the 12 introduced at the same time as PG-13 in the US and why was Batman (1989) chosen as the first? #askbbfc

A: The 12 took time to introduce because it required consultation with the industry.  #askbbfc

A: It also required changes to cinema licences across the country. #askbbfc

A: Batman was chosen because a high-profile release would raise public awareness of the new classification.  #askbbfc

Genre Spooky asks:
Q: Why was the film 'Midnight Run' originally rated 15 and then rated 18 subsequently? #askbbfc

A: Midnight Run was considered borderline 15/18 on film but was ultimately passed 15. #askbbfc

A: On video, it was raised to 18 on grounds of the frequency of strong language, to give an extra warning to parents #askbbfc

Our final #askbbfc question today is from Ben Davies
Q: #askbbfc What films from the 1980's caused the most complaints for having age ratings that were too lenient or too strict?

A: The largest volume of complaints in the 80s was about the classification of The Last Temptation of Christ. #askbbfc

A: There was an orchestrated letter-writing campaign calling for a ban. It was passed 18 uncut. #askbbfc

A: Many people also wrote in to complain Gremlins was too highly restricted at 15. #askbbfc

A: This was before the 12 was introduced. Gremlins has since been passed 12A for cinema re-release. #askbbfc


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