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Welcome to the BBFC's education resources! This area of the site is for students and their teachers. Whether you are researching an essay or looking for information on the classification of your favourite cult movie, you will find all you need here and in our Case Studies

Our education resources offer you inside information on film classification in the UK written by the people in the know…the BBFC.

We're hoping that it will become an essential resource for teachers and students across the UK who are covering the topics of UK Film & DVD ratings, the history of Video Game regulation, the British media and media regulation and censorship. We hope it also provides useful background for those studying media more broadly.

The site still includes many features which are well established for those who know our education work:

  • our Case Studies on films (including may set film texts for Film Studies courses in the UK)
  • our Student guide detailing famous decisions, key films and socio-historical commentary on the Board and its history
  • our Timelines highlighting key events related to issues like drugs, sexual violence and legislation
  • our detailed histories of the Board and UK law and regulation
  • and our in depth site articles written by BBFC staff which can now be found in Education News

Elsewhere on the site you can search through our press releases, research and decisions including reading BBFCinsight and information about cuts and film rating in our full database of titles.

We have new features too. These include Rate a trailer which is your chance to analyse trailers and compare your thoughts and rating recomendations with those of BBFC Compliance Officers.

We have a long established education programme, visiting schools, colleges and universities across the UK, and also working with other groups and partners including film festivals, youth groups, cinemas and adult education providers. Our education visits are free, although we accept contributions towards travel and accommodation whenever this is possible as it helps us to continue to offer the service.

Teachers can use the site to request a speaker from the BBFC comes to your school, to book places at BBFC term time seminars, to contact the BBFC, to organise interviews with BBFC staff for students doing presentations or dissertations and to request our resources including a free classroom poster.

We offer inhouse seminars bi-weekly in term time - you can book tickets here or on Eventbrite using the password bbfc. For those who can't travel to us we can provide videoconferencing or Skype workshops in which our examiners will answer your students' questions and discuss films, censorship, classification today, important and controversial decisions and key issues with your class.  For more information on booking a session click here.

Content for younger children, including the chance to rate trailers for children's films and learn more about our work can be found in our website for children here.